• Aaron Sisser ('23)

The New New York Mets

Fred Wilpon bought the New York Mets in the year 1980. The Mets are one of the two New York-based teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) - the other being the New York Yankees - and Wilpon started with a minority stake in the franchise. Through the exploitation of certain contract clauses, Wilpon was able to buy almost complete equity in the franchise. However, he was not liked by Mets fans. As an owner, he did not make the smartest financial decisions. Also, fans and players alike felt that he did not care about their wants and needs as much as he should have. Enter Steve Cohen, a native New Yorker, hedge fund billionaire, long-time Mets fan, and a potential great owner. This year, on October 30th, Steve Cohen bought the Mets from the Wilpons, and the MLB approved the deal, solidifying the acquisition. Mets fans are elated about the new ownership because Cohen looks to bring great success to the team.

Steve Cohen, through his purchase of the Mets, became the richest owner in the MLB. He has also repeatedly said that he wants to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into the team. This means that Mets fans can look forward to luxurious spending in the next few off-seasons. With this added spending, the Mets can attain the biggest free-agents on the market. Mets fans hope that this will lead to great results come the regular season.

As a fun aside, Steve Cohen is also a Jew growing up in Great Neck, New York! This is relatively close to the homes of many MTA students!

Furthermore, Cohen can help the Mets get out of an economic downfall that has plagued the Mets since 2008. In 2008, the famous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme left the New York Mets franchise, among many other people and businesses, in great financial loss. Ever since then, the Wilpons have been trying to make up lost ground, despite being in the most lucrative market of any franchise in the MLB. The change in ownership of the Mets to Steve Cohen will greatly affect the ability of the team to recoup and grow. Cohen’s net worth is estimated to be over fourteen billion dollars, and he, as an avid Mets fan, said that he is willing to invest a lot into the team. He really wants the Mets to be a strong contender in the MLB.

In addition to all of the great things that Cohen will bring to the franchise as the new owner, the New York Mets have also recently hired a new general manager! The new general manager, Jared Porter, was hired on December 12th, and he seems to be the practically perfect person to possess the particular position of being the Mets general manager. This is true for many reasons.

Firstly, he has great experience in MLB and helping to run a team. For the past four years, Porter has been working with another MLB team, the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was their assistant general manager until he signed a four-year contract with the New York Mets just last week! He has also worked with the amazing Theo Epstein under both the Red Sox and Cubs, where he was part of three teams that won the World Series (the MLB championship)!!

Moreover, Jared Porter is a great addition to the Mets front office because of his attitude towards his job. He is very aggressive as a general manager and very agreeable as a person. Former New York Mets assistant general manager Allard Baird says that Porter “checks all the boxes.” The Mets administration is confident that Porter will be a successful addition to the team, and that he will contribute greatly to the Mets in many aspects. Porter is said to be looking into advancements for both the Mets scouting and analytics teams, in addition to the growth and development of the players themselves.

One last addition to the team under the ownership of Steve Cohen is the Mets’ new president, Sandy Alderson. He has been part of the New York Mets franchise for a long time, having been the general manager of the Mets from 2010 until 2018. He, like Cohen and Porter, seems to be willing to make big moves to make the Mets a strong team this year, and for many years in the future.

In conclusion, under the wings of the new owner, Steve Cohen, the new general manager, Jared Porter, and the new president Sandy Alderson, the “new” New York Mets aim to turn into a strong contender this year for the playoffs, and beyond that, the World Series!


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