• Abe Friedenberg ('22)

The Challenges of Virtual Education

Students across the world are being faced with a challenge never seen before. Virtual education is today's reality in every student's life. Although there are some benefits to this adjustment, there are several disadvantages and challenges too. Sitting in a chair, staring at a screen, and staying put for several hours a day is putting a toll on millions of students worldwide. This shift has also made teachers' lives more difficult, reducing the quality of their lessons. Students now realize they most definitely have taken classroom based learning for granted.

The first challenge we face is the lack of social interaction with our friends. Socializing with peers before and after classes eases the day and is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Interacting with friends is fundamental for the success of our mental lives. Secondly, humans instinctively react to facial expressions and use them as a guide to understand how others feel. When teachers are unable to see our facial reactions during class, they are unable to notice if we are confused, bored, excited, or comprehending the information being taught. Instead of clarifying the idea being shared, in response to our confused facial expressions, the only option is to continuously ask to re-explain the concept.

"Another challenge we face is the countless amount of distractions surrounding us at home. Classrooms are set up to be an environment best for learning as opposed to our bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms which are most definitely not."

Every student must make sure to exercise and keep moving throughout the day. Before and after each class, instead of using that time to check their phones, they should be getting up and walking around for that short break. After the end of the school day, it is crucial to exercise for at least 30 minutes. Doing this, and making sure to stay healthy and active, helps improve our educational and personal lives. Although online classes are a great challenge for students, making sure to keep healthy habits will help strengthen ourselves to help overcome this challenge.


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