News Briefs, September - October 2021

MTA Upgrades Dorm Program, Welcomes Diverse Group of Dorm Students

MTA’s dorm program has returned to normalcy after being largely upended due to complications related to COVID-19, bringing to Washington Heights one of the most diverse groups of dormers in MTA history. Students representing four separate continents are represented this year at Strenger Hall, the building in which MTA students will be housed during the 2021-22 academic year.

As COVID restrictions are being lifted, students can now partake in a number of exciting new programs offered exclusively to dormers, including the weekly Wednesday day dorm-exclusive dinner and night seder, enabling underclassmen to grow in their learning by participating in chavrusas led by seniors and RAs. New for this year, dormers can also now take advantage of an improved student lounge and meal plan, bringing food from local restaurants to students who can now share communal meals with their fellow dormmates. As a part of this year's updated dorm programming, dormers can now participate in over twenty planned shabbatonim over the course of the year, including monthly dorm-exclusive shabbaton, vastly enhancing the unique sense of community fostered within the dorm.

Yeshiva Fellowship Seniors Begin Chabura Program

On Tuesday, October 5, seniors in the Yeshiva Fellowship program gathered in the library for their first meeting of the year. Rabbi Pearl, coordinator for the senior grade outlined the Fellowship’s plan for the coming year. Unique for the senior grade, the Yeshiva Fellowship program will not include weekly Sunday shiurim by RIETS Roshei Yeshiva. Instead, seniors will divide into chaburos with one member a week delivering his prepared shiur. Students in the program are expected to prepare Mareh Mekomos (source sheets) and provide a light breakfast to enhance the program experience. The program commenced on the Yeshiva-wide shabbaton in Camp Dora Golding in which Yitzchak Hagler and Yaakov Weinstock presented to their respective chaburas.

The Polis Scholarly Journal to Come Out Soon

The editors of The Polis, MTA’s academic research journal, have recently announced that a new edition is in the works to be released by the end of the year. The Polis (commonly referred to as just “Polis”) is a research-based academic journal which publishes lengthy articles written by both students and faculty. The publication does not require guidelines and models regarding content and sizing, rather the writer’s discretion is used to determine length. Weeks of research often go into each article. in Polis covers a wide variety of interests, though most articles fit into the categories of the humanities and Judaic themes. The coming edition will explore historical topics such as the impact of the Italian neorealist film movement and the Hebrew Bible’s impact on the founding of the United States of America. It will delve into Jewish philosophical views on the goal of life and inquire into the nature of serial killers.

Fox and Zomberg Named Co-Presidents of Arista, Committees Begin Planning

In a an email sent by Dr. Potock, faculty advisor, early last March, it was announced that the Arista Honors Society would be seeking new student leadership. Positions for the coming year would include the standard leadership positions but would also include new positions such as those to establish new chessed outreach programming for the Washington Heights community, a new project to preserve the library, and to establish a writing center in conjunction with MTA’s learning center. After an extensive interview process, it was announced that Mordechai Fox and Eitan Zomberg had been appointed Co-Presidents and other leadership positions were sent out as well. On Wednesday, October 6, the first Arista meeting of the year met and committees began planning school programming for the year ahead.


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