• Meir Ness ('22)

My Guide Through MTA

After four of the best years of my life, I decided to write an in-depth guide to what makes MTA so amazing. In this article I will be going through the different opportunities MTA has to offer: its clubs, sports, academics, and programs.


Over my three years at MTA many of my best memories have been through my participation in so many clubs with all my friends. MTA offers clubs for practically any interest a person may have. For example, if someone enjoys arguing and enjoys public speaking they can join several of our clubs such as Debate, Model Congress, Model UN, and Mock Trial. I have personally been in three of those four clubs and they are a lot of fun! Model Congress and Model UN are clubs in which you take up important positions defending an important policy or country. Debate on the other hand teaches you to think quickly, speak well, and work as a team. Mock trial is a great club if you want to become a lawyer as you actually present a court case in front of a judge! Sometimes people don't like public speaking but they’re smart and know a bunch of random facts. We have clubs for them also; the College bowl and Torah bowl are great ways for smart people to show off their skills. If you like chess we also have an amazing chess team led by one of the best Rebbeim and chess players, Rabbi Mendelson. MTA also has no shortage of publications to write for. The Academy News is just one of six publications that you would be able to write for here at MTA. The other five are Polis, our academic journal; Shema Koleinu, our weekly Dvar Torah publication; Hatzioni, Lions Life, and Pirchei Yitzchok.


Let's say clubs just aren’t your thing but you love sports. If you live and breathe sports (even if you don't but you’re just good) MTA has so many athletic teams (it’s surprising we never win). Two of our teams offer JV and Varsity options: basketball and hockey. The other sports MTA has to offer are baseball, softball, wrestling, and tennis. All of these sports are extremely competitive and will push you to your absolute limit in every single game (or match). From what I hear about all these sports teams (unfortunately I am not good enough to join them) is that the players have so much fun; they enjoy every practice and love the games even more!


Now that all the fun activities are gone let's get real and talk about what actually puts MTA above so many other schools, MTA academics. Over my years here in Yeshiva, I have taken several AP's (not even close to all of the ones that are offered) and even took a self-study course, all arranged by the academic department here at MTA. They also offer SAT/ACT tests and prep (when we get to Arista i'll expand). The classes in MTA are like all the other schools but the teachers who teach them are one of a kind (in a good way!) Now secular studies are fun and all but the real gem that MTA offers is the Judaic studies. Coming into MTA I was scared that the Rebbeim wouldn’t be nice or would be too hard and mean but I could never have been more wrong. The Rebbeim here are better than any other school I looked into. They make sure you understand what you are learning but more than that they are also your Rebbe and will do practically anything to see you succeed. For example, today (the day I wrote this) I told one of my Rebbeim that I needed to speak and he took me out of class and we had one of the best and uplifting conversations of my life; he helped me even more than I realize. If there is any reason why MTA is better than all other schools it's because they can help you grow in ways you never thought of. The Rebbeim and academics here at MTA are one of a kind and shouldn’t be missed out on.

Yeshiva Fellowship

I have realized that over the years one of the most important things I have joined in MTA is the Yeshivah Fellowship. It is a learning program where we hear shiurim, are taking on educational trips, and encouraged (through many donuts) to learn on our own and grow in every way possible. There are many regrets that go along with life but joining this program won’t be one of them. It is by far the most beautiful program the school has to offer. The only requirement is to stay one-night seder a week and go on their Shabbaton's. Night seder was something so foreign to me and I never thought I would stay but this program has inspired me (through donuts) to stay and I love to learn even more now because of it!

Makor Chaim

Thank Hashem I was privileged to join one of the best Israel exchange programs out there. As far as I'm aware no other school offers such an amazing program. The program is a one-month exchange program with the Yeshiva Makor Chaim in Israel. I have many amazing memories that I can't even start to explain, though I will try my best. This program leaves around Chanukah time and all our classes were given in the Yeshiva. The first thing I noticed when I went was that my Hebrew went from basically non-existent to me being pretty fluent. Learning in Israel was the best part (except for the trips of course). We were paired up with guys from the yeshiva and they became my friends for life. The trips were on another level we traveled and saw the most beautiful country in the world and doing it with all your friends just makes the whole experience better. My favorite trip was when they took us to Tzfat. We spent shabbos there and I had one of the most impactful weekends of my life; spiritually I grew like I never thought I would after that shabbos. This was by far my favorite trip in MTA and if anyone gets the opportunity to go on it they should jump at the chance because it most definitely is worth it.


The seniors in MTA are given a very special opportunity. If they maintain a high GPA, they can tutor the younger students. This program, ARISTA, is MTA’s honors society and hosts a wide variety of programming. The programs we run include blood drives, free school tutoring, and even free SAT/ACT tutoring to name just a few. If you’re a smart student who wants to make a change here in MTA this is your best option.

MTA Trips/Family

Every school goes on trips and takes their students out to have fun, so it's no surprise that MTA also makes sure their students smile every once in a while. The thing that sets MTA trips apart from any other school is the family that we have. From the guys in your grade to the Rebbeim to the guys in the whole school, each person enhances the trip and makes it ten times better than it would have been anywhere else. The best example of this is the yearly Shabbaton in which the whole school goes away for Shabbos. On a shabbos like this, all the grades merge and act like one big family. No other school can compare to our level of Achdus and no other school can make every single kid smile at the same time while being under one roof. That's why these trips are so great we are a family a LION PRIDE!!!!

My name is Meir Ness and this is my guide to MTA. The three best years of my life have been because of this school and hopefully, we can make it a fourth. Use this guide wisely and remember to always smile and have fun no matter where you are!