• Shmuel Rosenthal ('22)

MTA Sports Preview 2021

As the summer turns to fall and students return back to school, one exciting proponent of this year is the return of the Yeshiva League. While due to COVID restrictions there will be no fans allowed at Yeshiva League games, MTA Athletics Dept. is excited to bring back sports. Here is a preview of what lies ahead for the coming season.

Varsity Hockey: This group has a promising history together. When in JV together, they received a first-round playoff exit, and now they look to improve and make a championship run. While an MTA hockey team has not won a championship since 2011, this team sparks new hope and boasts talent that has not been seen in MTA’s Lions Den in many years. This team, looking for a deep playoff run, has a solid defensive core returning this season including Captain Ezra Landa and Assistant Captain Noam Kornwasser. The hope is that this team can improve offensively with the new addition Gavriel Rudman. Rudman’s addition coupled with the pre-existent Eli Sheer and Ori Engle connection can be a big help to the team offensively. Additionally, impressive summers from Dani Greenberg and Dovi Friedman in NCSY Kollel, looks promising for a team in search of a big offensive jump. While nothing is set in stone, a playoff appearance is expected, and as Coach Rabbi Stone said to this team by tryouts, “the goal of this team is to finish with a win.”

Varsity Basketball: This unit is looking to continue past achievements, as none of the players ever missed the playoffs on a High School team. This star-studded roster boasts one of the most talented players in the Yeshiva League, Dani Wolk. With the help of star center Donny Book and sharpshooter point guard Abie Shwartz, Dani is looking to put their playoff woes behind them and finally secure an elusive first playoff game win in their final season at MTA. While one might question this team’s success capabilities based on past history, there is no doubt amongst MTA’s student body that this team will be successful, and hopefully bring home a championship.

Varsity Softball: Looking to improve from a first round playoff exit last year, the MTA softball team hopes that their returning juniors, now seniors, take a big leap in their play. This team is hoping to distance themselves from a very tight division and obtain a higher seed. With Donny Book returning to the mound and the hope of baseball players being allowed to play softball along with baseball, this team believes that a championship is within reach. If they are able to limit their errors and put the ball on the ground more this team is one that is dangerous to face.

Soccer: The most successful sports team in MTA recently plans on having the same success as they have in recent years. During the last season to have taken place before COVID, this team made the championship. Unfortunately, they lost in a close fought battle with Frisch. However, with most of the starting core from that run now graduated, the main question is whether or not seniors Eli Sheer, Yonah Josse, and Mordechai Fox can bring the magic back for one more year. If they can, this team will be exciting to watch and is the one most likely to raise a banner in the den.

Tennis: While considered exclusive in MTA’s spots, this team is seeking to improve on their 2-5 record last season. Led by All-Star captain Raffi Weil, this team is hoping to turn things around and make the playoffs for the first time in four years. Based on past results, this team is hoping to find a gem in the rough who can help them win games and take them to the promised land.


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