• Meir Ness ('22)

MTA Plans Fun Activities

When it comes to making sure that all the talmidim have a great time, MTA does not allow obstacles to get in the way. Whether it is amazing trips or making a new student lounge with all kinds of arcade games, MTA has got it all. MTA doesn't even need the kids to leave the building to have fun; The Freshman Night2Unite and the Chanukah schedule are both great examples of MTA making sure the talmidim have an amazing time no matter the day.

Over the past few weeks, MTA faculty has taken the 9th-11th graders to Top Golf. It was amazing there. As a junior, I can personally say that I had so much fun going to Top Golf and eating the school-provided lunch! To make sure that everyone was safe, they had groups of 6 per driving lane and one kid per seat on the bus. The 12th graders went paintballing as their trip, and from what I heard, they too had so much fun!

One of the best things about MTA is that they can provide fun activities in school and not have to take a trip anywhere. The Freshman night in is one of the greatest bonding experiences in MTA. It allows the students a chance to meet each other and learn more about other classmates. This year, however, because of Corona, the Freshman wouldn’t be able to have this experience; Rabbi Konigsberg wanted to make sure that they at least had some enjoyable activity, so he came up with the Freshman Night2Unite. This amazing activity consisted of glow in the dark dodgeball, minute to win it, and amazing dinner from Senders Smokehouse. This allowed the Freshmen to meet each other and learn more about each other while safe and having fun! Another fun night at school was when MTA had late night fun activities for the Sophomores and Juniors. They played glow in the dark dodgeball and had other fun and amazing late-night activities too!

Chanukkah is a time of fun, and in MTA they sure know how to make that known. Every single day of Chanukkah MTA had a different event planned. We started the first few days of Chanukkah with a long weekend off and then came back on Tuesday to a full day of fun activities. They gave out Broad Street Donuts, which tasted so good and then had shiur vs shiur challenges. The best thing about that day was the shiur lunch from either Carlos and Gabbys, Chikies, Dougies or Senders Smokehouse. The food was amazing and the greatest part was the lunch with your shiur. Wednesday started off with a socially distanced Chagiga with music and socially distanced dancing. After all that dancing, Rabbi Konegsberg knew everyone would be craving some delicious food so he got Rita’s for every kid to enjoy! The 10th grade takeover was amazing; the 10th grade dressed up like it was Purim and played Let's Make A Deal! The Juniors and Seniors had an intense dreidel contest! There were planned events for the last day of Chanukkah, but sadly, it snowed and they had to cancel school that day.

Finally, the newest installment into the MTA building was our new student lounge! They put in a mini basketball game, air hockey, ping pong, an Xbox and a Playstation and the greatest new game is the arcade version of NBA Jam! The talmidim can use all of these amazing new games during their free time!

Thanks to Rabbi Konegsberg and the amazing kids on the student council. MTA had fun activities and everyone had a great time.


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